A Counterfactual View From San Antone

Dear Mr. Fowle,

For nearly three and one half years, President Trump created a series of pure economics successes while Democrats showed extremely weak performances. On Trump’s first day of work Democrats were so angry that they started to use various illegal methods in hope putting him out of office. Their most evil method was done by conveniently using the perfect timing of the new virus from China just before the Democratic 2020 election. Trump never planned to create a popularity contest (unlike most presidents of the past). Instead, he used unique methods to solve American problems for the purpose of making a better America for American citizens. For the next four years, the new but but extremely backward President will give special favors as usual for other countries, especially China. It appears that a large percentage of the young but naïve voters were not willing to listen [to] older but wiser American citizens. Democrats that are starting to open the border gate for multi-million immigrates [sic] (many criminals) and, at the same time, weakening our police forces might put an end to our beautiful America. As result, we have just begun to repeat mistakes of the past.

Ken Senkow

San Antonio, Texas


You predict with great assurance what Biden will do as President. Do you claim the power of clairvoyance? From the evidence we have at hand—your letter—it seems clear that your grasp of even the recent past is, to be charitable about it, unreliable.

We’re also more than a little perplexed at the way you denigrate young Americans who embrace a multi-cultural future, while blaming them, in advance, for what you admit are mistakes of the past.

The Editor

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