He’s OK With the Digital Edition

To the Editor: I understand the nostalgia for newsprint; however, it is the content, not the medium, that’s important. Please continue online in your usual style. Ed Pawlak Mississauga, Ont.

Conspiracy Theories & Peak Generalization

by Robert Roman Sound the alarm! The Coronavirus death rates are wrong. The Media is promoting the greatest hoax ever told about cold and flu season. The Deep State is… The Elite want to… Anyone with an internet connection can fill in the blanks of this conspiracy yarn Mad Lib. Gross and grotesque generalizations are to blame for this fabulist thinking. There are three subsets of generalization at work here. The first is Generalization of Grandeur. Or, euphemistically, Seeing the Big Picture. One way of processing the complex and confusing universe is by forfeiting reason and enquiry in exchange for a digestible lullaby. The weariest …

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A Letter to My Daughter: Election 2020

Dear ________, Whatever you think of my wish that the Green Party not complicate this particular Presidential election—and I know you and many other Millennials don’t agree with me, fed up as you justifiably are with both major political parties—please understand that I do care about your future and the lives of the rest of your generation and the generations to follow. And that includes the daughters. I do not for a moment wish to underrate or dismiss or minimize the hurt and damage and pain and disrespect the sexual abuse of women engenders. My mother was a woman. My wife is a woman. You …

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A To-Do List for Trump

To the Editor: I sure wish Donald J. Trump would consider something other than getting himself re-elected as an important part of being President of the United States of America! For instance, he could promote and support: the safety and security of all the American people; the economic security of America and its small businesses, the backbone of our nation’s employment; nurturing and supporting the sustainable environment of the earth, from which we derive our food and economic resources; the health and wellness of our people; the cooperative working relationship America has had with most of the rest of the world under virtually all past …

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What Do We Have to Lose?

To the Editor: President Trump just said the Corona virus was worse than the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Towers. How stupid does he think the country is? Over 2,400 died when Pearl Harbor was attacked and almost 3,000 at the World Trade Center. Six died at a nursing facility in Kirkland, Washington which was the first major outbreak of the virus in this country. Presidents Roosevelt and Bush called those attacks acts of war. Trump said the virus was like the flu and an attack on him. Roosevelt got the country producing ships, planes, tanks and everything needed for war. He …

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This Shows Us Where True Power Lies

To the Editor: These United States of America were founded upon dissent, civil disobedience, direct action, and defiance against a tyrannical government. On one hand, this nation proclaims pride in that fact and on the other, it works non-stop to suppress any expression of opinions that vary from the status quo Ameri-capitalist economic machine. Our founding fathers even went so far as to enshrine the suppression of dissent and defiance in the U.S. Constitution (Art. I., Section. 8.) Is there any wonder why the majority of U.S. inhabitants cannot seem to forge the kinds of structural change in governing powers that are truly necessary to …

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