This fortnight certainly got off to a rousing start. Based on their scrutiny of his tax returns for the past two decades, a team of ten reporters for the New York Times demonstrated that Donald J. Trump has, after a six-pack of bankruptcies, finally stumbled onto a business model that works for him: “turning his own hotels and resorts into the Beltway’s new back rooms, where public and private business mix and special interests reign.” After reading “The Swamp That Trump Built”—only the most recent in a long line of exposés which once might have been sufficient to trigger incarceration—an irate George Washington rose from …

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Trump and the QAnon Death Cult

To the Editor: Blend a sudden global respiratory viral pandemic with an incompetent, science-denying Donald Trump downplaying the virus as a liberal hoax, add a full measure of disgust for pedophilia, and beat vigorously on social media. Swallowing this delicious mixture is comforting for many folks, who prefer it to the menace of a death avoided only by masks and separation. QAnon makes it clear we are threatened, instead, by an identifiable, hidden, global cabal of child-violating liberal elites. Instead of separation and fear, the global threat is to be fought by the enlightened, intimate groups of QAnon adherents. QAnon offers clear answers and familiar, …

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An Important Distinction

To the Editor: It has been nice to see all the signs for Joe Biden around the state. Especially encouraging for the country and for the future of the Republican Party are the “Republicans For Biden” signs, including the one in Rye Center, “I Am A Republican Not A Fool – Biden 2020.” Cynthia Muse Rye, N.H. Cynthia: In Rye, no less…. The Editor

What Has Sununu Cost Us?

To the Editor: Over $4,000,000,000 leaves N.H. annually to pay for energy. It’s a smart town that finds a better way. Take a useless plot of land—say, an old landfill—cover it with solar panels, and let the sun do the rest. If the sun produces more energy than you can use, the credit earned is “net metering,” paying the cost of putting up those panels. Your town saves hundreds of thousands—even millions—in energy bills. Those savings get passed on to you, the tax- and rate-payers. No wonder so many N.H. towns are considering net metering, or have invested money in designing plans, now shovel-ready. But …

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Good Questions

Dear Editor, Why does Trump deny the efficacy of masks, when doctors agree this simple measure could prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths? Is he intentionally ignorant, or so selfish that the inconvenience of mask wearing to preserve other peoples’ health is beyond his moral character? Why does he actively thwart cooperative efforts to reverse global warming before the climate crisis becomes irreversible? Is he scientifically stupid, or selfishly willing to sacrifice the well-being of our planet to grab short-term petro-profit? Why does he work to remove health insurance from millions, before coming up with a workable replacement? Does he actually believe his slap-dash slogans …

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Beware These Ghouls

To the Editor: This is the season for ghosts, ghouls, goblins and reactionary Republicans! Be afraid, very afraid! Messner, Mowers, McConnell and Mr. Chameleon/Mr. Masquerade, Gov. Sununu! First, we have another carpetbagger vying for a New Hampshire congressional seat. Matt Mowers was a New Jersey operative for Gov. Chris Christie (See “Bridgegate”). Mowers is part of a far-right Republican plan to turn New Hampshire’s CD-1, RED! Moreover, “Colorado” Corky Messner is challenging Senator Shaheen for a Senate seat. Moreover, how many New Hampshire citizens know that the current governor has ties to the far-right Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, funded mostly by Koch Industries, …

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