King Trump

Dear Editor:

“The state is me,” famously said France’s King Louis XIV—absolute monarch during France’s classical age. His ornate and gold-filigreed style is also the style of President Trump’s New York City penthouse. Trump is attracted to Louis XIV. Now Trump has criticized the Governors of Washington state (Inslee) and Michigan (Whitmer) for not being “appreciative enough” of his late-come efforts against the coronavirus. He’s called it “unpatriotic” to criticize him. He confuses himself with our nation that existed long before him and hopefully will have a life after him. Trump told V.P. Pence “not to call” those two Governors who’ve had too much difficulty getting medical supplies, like ventilators, for their state’s coronavirus-ill people. Now they should expect no help from the federal government, a.k.a Trump, as a vengeful punishment. What kind of icky-gooey reasoning powers does this President show? Please, no more of him after November elections.

And best of luck to the Governors of states who stand up for their people against our President’s inanities and self-serving decisions, his sick focus on “being liked”—more important to him than people’s lives—and more important than the obvious and heroic sacrifices our medical people are making as they serve. Thank you to our public servants who are doing their jobs and to our citizenry who are helping as they can.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

Sanbornton, N.H.


Remember when some on the Right were dressing up like Minutemen? What ever happened to that anti-royalist sentiment?

The Editor

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