Protect Us From King Sununu

To the Editor:

New Hampshire’s founding fathers knew what it was like to live under a king. Our State Constitution imposes many limits on elected officials to prevent anyone from acting like a king. Elected officials are elected for two-year terms. Uniquely, we have an elected Executive Council. Appointments by the Governor must be approved by the Executive Council, as are contracts over $10,000.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire now has a Governor who wants to play king. He says we are in an emergency and he should be given sole power to distribute $1.25 billion in Federal aid. He says there is no time for oversight or the Constitution. This is the same Governor who handed out campaign money to his siblings and other family members. He is acting like our corrupt President, who says no one should be able to see or say how he hands out $500 billion to large corporations.

State Representatives have filed suit to stop this usurpation of power and restore the legislature’s roll in how your money is spent. We all should hope the court steps in to protect us from would be King Chris Sununu.

Walter Hamilton

Portsmouth, N.H.


Ah, yes—that other parallel. We knew we’d forgotten something.

The Editor


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