Sun. May 3

2016—Lindsey Graham tweets, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it.”

2016—After suggesting Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinate JFK (prompting Cruz to recall Donald Trump’s boast that dodging VD had been his Vietnam) Trump wins the Indiana Primary and clinches the Republican Presidential nomination.

2003—The law of gravity busts the Old Man of the Mountain.

1995—Alabama Governor “Fob” James reintroduces chain gangs.

1987—E. J. Dionne’s column quotes Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.): “Follow me around;” meanwhile, the Miami Herald reports that a woman (not his wife) spent the night in his D.C. townhouse.

1970—“[The North Vietnamese] have been in a war for years and years,” says Veep Spiro “Ted” Agnew. “I don’t think they are capable … of continuing this fight.”

1946—“Gruesome Gertie,” Louisiana’s electric chair, wired by a drunken trustee, fails to kill Willie Francis, 17. He’s escorted back to Death Row. A year later, Gertie kills Willie.

1945—The RAF bombs the German ship Cap Arcona, believing it’s carrying SS officers. Of 4,500 concentration camp inmates aboard, 350 survive.

1927—Turnout for Liberia’s Presidential election is 1,680 percent.

1909—A passenger train collides with a switching engine in the Portsmouth rail yard: one dead, seven injured.

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