A Stimulating Use of Stimulus Funds

To the Editor:

In March, President Trump signed a “relief” bill that relieved the U.S.A.’s 43,000 wealthiest taxpayers of (an average) $1.7 million each, costing the rest of us $90 billion. This after wasting two months before finally showing some seriousness concerning the pandemic.

Now we are in the midst of a chaotic situation where underprepared states are “opening up,” with no clear direction from the White House.

We, a married couple, are responding by donating our stimulus money to Democrats who will defeat Donald Trump and enough of his Republican enablers to re-take the Senate as well as the Executive Branch.

That is the least we can do.

Neal W. Ferris and Sylvia J. Foster

Durham, N.H.

Neal & Sylvia:

This may be one of those cases where the least someone can do may also be the best someone can do.

The Editor

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