This Shows Us Where True Power Lies

To the Editor:

These United States of America were founded upon dissent, civil disobedience, direct action, and defiance against a tyrannical government. On one hand, this nation proclaims pride in that fact and on the other, it works non-stop to suppress any expression of opinions that vary from the status quo Ameri-capitalist economic machine. Our founding fathers even went so far as to enshrine the suppression of dissent and defiance in the U.S. Constitution (Art. I., Section. 8.) Is there any wonder why the majority of U.S. inhabitants cannot seem to forge the kinds of structural change in governing powers that are truly necessary to meet the health and safety needs of our local communities and the natural ecosystems we depend upon for survival?

Covid-19 has shown us where true power for change lies—at the local and regional levels. Mutual aid between neighbors, towns, and counties has been effective in helping to meet the ongoing everyday needs of the young, the elderly, and all ages in between. State and federal support has favored large industry interests over individuals, communities, and ecosystems. And, it has taken much longer to implement state and federal assistance while many pockets are lines as it trickles down to the where the greatest needs exist. What can you do in this time of social distancing to organize for structural change that embodies what your community envisions?

The New Hampshire Community Rights Network (NHCRN) supports protecting the health and safety of the collective body of inhabitants (both human and natural) within your community. Reach out to the NHCRN to explore how you can envision and create structural change in decision-making power in the place where you live! Visit our website linked here  or email inquiries. The NHCRN makes information and education available with the goal of driving community rights and the recognition of ecosystem rights—an integral part of every community—into fundamental law.

Michelle Sanborn

Serving President of the NHCRN

Alexandria, N.H.


You refer to the clause giving Congress the power to “[call] forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

For most of our history that power was used primarily against working people, for the benefit of corporations.

Yes, local power is important. We cannot abandon, though, the people’s struggle to control federal power.

It’s a matter of self-defense.

The Editor

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