A Thin-Skinned Would-Be Tyrant

To the Editor:

Naturally, Democrats want to defeat the President Trump in the next election. Trump takes that personally and melts down. When then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, speaking for Republicans, said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President,” Obama didn’t whine about how badly he was treated, or insult McConnell with nasty names on Twitter, or blame the media. He got busy.

With the help of Joe Biden and Congress he rescued the country from the Great Recession with the $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act, spurring economic growth, turning around the U.S. auto industry and cutting the unemployment rate from 10 percent to 4.7 percent.

He signed the Affordable Care Act providing health insurance to over 20 million uninsured Americans, put Medicare on sounder financial footing, dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent, and increased Department of Veteran Affairs funding.

He ended the war in Iraq, eliminated Osama Bin Laden, and improved America’s image abroad.

President Obama also won a second term and became the first President since Dwight Eisenhower to serve two terms with no serious personal or political scandal. The comparison is painful for Trump. No wonder he is on the attack with made up charges—it makes him feel better and distracts from his handling of the pandemic.

Cynthia Muse

Rye, N.H.


We wonder if he even cares enough to envy Obama’s popularity. We suspect his recent remarks about domination get closer to his true feelings.

The Editor

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