Mindi Messmer– Good Choice for Executive Councilor

To the Editor:

It is my pleasure to endorse Mindi Messmer for New Hampshire’s Executive Council. Anyone who has been following the environmental issues on the Seacoast has often heard the name Mindi Messmer. Her work on the Pediatric Cancer Cluster task-force and her involvement with drinking water contamination, backed up by her professional expertise, has made her a voice to be listened to. Additionally, she has been a voice for enhancing the radioactive monitoring capabilities of the State of N.H. to bring more public transparency to the residents in the towns surrounding the Seabrook nuclear plant.

As a fellow scientist who currently serves on the Science Technology & Energy committee of the House, I strongly support those who bring a scientific background into the political realm. It is desperately needed both in N.H. and in Washington D.C., because we are dealing with many currently important issues, e.g. environmental, health related, energy production, climate change and even efficiency in government. All these issues can benefit from a fact-based scientific approach to help find solutions.

Mindi’s background in science, business and as a former N.H. State Representative, but also her thoughtful and methodical style, will serve the residents of New Hampshire well on the Governor’s Executive Council. Please join with me to support Mindi Messmer.

N.H. Rep. Peter Somssich, District 27-Portsmouth, Member of the House Science Technology & Energy Committee, Portsmouth N.H.

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