That Fraudulent Democrat [sic] Party

To the Editor:

[Note: Mr. Ewing’s statistics have, in the past, proven to be dubious. He throws them around with such abandon that fact-checking them all is impractical. We therefore issue this blanket warning: caveat lector. – The Ed.]

The Democrat Party’s greatest fraud is that it cares about Black people. Using lies, virtue signaling, alarmist charges like “white supremacy” and “institutional racism,” and media support, Democrats blame others for the enormous harm done to Blacks by the Democrat [sic] Party’s own actions, policies, and laws.

President Johnson’s Great Society still causes enormous suffering due to the resulting increase from 24 percent to 75 percent of births to unwed Black mothers. As President Obama said, fatherless children are five times more likely to live in poverty, nine times more likely to drop out of high school, and 20 times more likely to end up in prison.

Democrats force many inner city students into bad and dangerous schools resulting in high drop-out rates and graduates who are unprepared for most good jobs. For example, a 2017 study showed that no more than one percent of the students tested at grade level in math in 48.7 percent of Baltimore high schools.

With high taxes, burdensome regulations, and unchecked crime, Democrat [sic] city governments drive away businesses offering jobs and affordable goods. Democrats support open borders and protect illegal aliens who compete for scarce jobs, increasing Black unemployment; suppress Black’s wages; and bring drugs and crime to many Black neighborhoods. Democrats refuse to provide the policing needed to make Black neighborhoods safe.

Democrats now use government power, rather than slavery and the KKK, to oppress Black people.

In a population of over 41 million Blacks, there were 2,458 victims of anti-Black incidents in 2017, committed by people of all races, according to FBI reports. Any such actions are unacceptable and all perpetrators must be condemned.

By comparison, millions of Blacks suffer every year because of Democrat [sic] laws and actions by Democrat [sic], often Black Democrat [sic] controlled city governments. Most evidence of institutional anti-Black treatment is committed by government entities controlled by Democrats for whom most Blacks voted!

When situations like the current riots occur, Democrat [sic] politicians excuse, allow, and some encourage the spread of the lawless, violent, and destruction that disproportionately hurt Blacks. Without opposition these riots have grown into domestic terrorism, looting, destroying, burning, stealing, injuring, killing, and destroying the symbols of our nation’s history including monuments to abolitionists and to the authors of our founding documents.

Democrat [sic] politicians rejected President Trump’s calls to stop the riots to protect people and property, and they rejected his offers of assistance.

Now Democrats call for defunding the Police which will only result in the spread of violence…perhaps to your family’s neighborhood. To Democrat [sic] politicians and many of their supporters, most lives and certainly most Black Lives don’t Matter.

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.


We went to school back in the allegedly good old days, when racial segregation was the law in the south.

Those of us who were white, in grade school, and living up here in the north, were generally unaware that the nation whose flag we saluted every morning was, on that deeply important but easily ignored point, virtually indistinguishable from South Africa. Most of what we knew of tyranny we learned from the playground bully; though, occasionally, a teacher would play a supporting role.

Perhaps things are different now, but in those days, budding scholars were often turned loose like animals in a pen and left to sort themselves out—a Darwinian method of management which was probably suggested by our general demeanor.

We learned through direct experience an array of techniques for co-existing in an environment which included all sorts, including the occasional goon endowed with physical strength enough to inflict pain at will, but lacking the humanity to suppress the temptation to use it. Some learned how to be inconspicuous. Others fended off beatings by becoming toadies.

That brings us to your incessant campaign to elevate the Republican Party by denigrating the Party you insist on incorrectly calling “Democrat.”

Today’s Republicans are the direct descendants of the Democrats who enforced racial segregation in the south, all those years ago. They just jumped ship after LBJ tried to restore the civil rights southern Democrats had been denying since Reconstruction.

You must by now have created an entire file drawer of fiction praising the biggest band of bullies this country has ever seen. That, we would warn you, matters not a whit to the powers-that-be. If they ever deign to notice you, and you displease them, they’ll crush you, too.

The Editor

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