Sat, Aug 1

2007—An interstate highway bridge in Minneapolis collapses, killing 13.

1976—First occupation of the Seabrook nuclear power plant site.

1974—Alexander Haig meets for 50 minutes with Vice President Ford. They discuss Nixon’s possible resignation and a possible Ford pardon. Though it’s all quite above-board, no doubt, Haig has signed in on the official log under an assumed name.

1972—The Washington Post reports on a “two-bit burglary” at DNC HQ.

1972—First Lt. G.W.[MD] Bush loses his Air National Guard flying status because he skipped a required physical exam and drug test.

1969—Herb Kalmbach accepts a $100,000 bribe from milk producers on behalf of Richard Nixon.

1969—A Mass. Superior Court judge denies a DA’s request for an inquest into Mary Jo Kopechne’s death.

1966—Ex-Eagle Scout, honor student, and former Marine Charles Whitman shoots 45 (killing 12) from a tower at the University of Texas.

1946—Corrupt Democrats in Athens, Tennessee, hole up in a jailhouse with ballot boxes. Disgruntled vets armed with Thompson guns stolen from the local Guard armory lay seige.

1921—Police Chief Sid Hatfield and Deputy Ed Chambers are shot dead on the courthouse steps in Matewan, W.Va. The Baldwin-Feltes detectives who shot them claim self-defense and are not prosecuted.

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