Volinsky—A Great Democratic Governor

[Note: This fortnight we received several letters which shared two characteristics: they were written in support of the same candidate, but arrived too late to be published in advance of the election. We’re going to publish two of them anyway. They won’t be able to influence primary election voters, but they illuminate structural problems in the governance of this state—problems that are unlikely to be solved by Hereditary Governor Sununu Two, or any other members of his party. – The Ed.]


To the Editor:

The Democratic primary for Governor has two outstanding candidates with very different talents. While it will not be easy to defeat Governor Sununu in the General Election, I believe that Andru Volinsky is the one who would be the strongest Democratic candidate.

In all honesty, I believe that Governor Sununu has done a good job managing the virus pandemic in New Hampshire. However, he has also bypassed all manner of accountability and oversight by claiming that under his emergency powers he is allowed to do so. That emergency must end, because New Hampshire can manage the virus pandemic in a collaborative manner with both the Executive and the Legislature being involved, providing the needed accountability.

Beyond the pandemic, Governor Sununu has accomplished very little. Most of his own agenda never got past the Republican members of the House, while other proposals were soundly defeated. He has refused to work with the Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, fearing reprisals by the right-wing faction of his own party. So, his mode of operation has been to create a stalemate on some issues and to block others, so that New Hampshire falls even further behind our New England neighbors. Whether on family and medical leave insurance, a minimum wage, renewable energy, social justice issues, gun-violence safety issues or joining with other New England states to dramatically reduce our energy dependency and improve our transportation infrastructure, this Governor is missing in action.

Mr. Volinsky has regularly taken on tough tasks. As a lawyer he has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and won, and was the lead lawyer in the Claremont adequate educational funding lawsuit, which the state of New Hampshire lost—and has still not fully complied. He is running for Governor to reduce the property tax burden. As an Executive Councilor, he has frequently refused questionable contracts submitted by the Governor, as well as rejecting unqualified candidates for appointment. He knows the Governor well from these interactions and will be a formidable candidate.

It is my pleasure to endorse Andru Volinsky for New Hampshire Governor.

Peter Somssich

N.H. Rep., District 27

Portsmouth, N.H.

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