What Has Sununu Cost Us?

To the Editor:

Over $4,000,000,000 leaves N.H. annually to pay for energy. It’s a smart town that finds a better way.

Take a useless plot of land—say, an old landfill—cover it with solar panels, and let the sun do the rest.

If the sun produces more energy than you can use, the credit earned is “net metering,” paying the cost of putting up those panels. Your town saves hundreds of thousands—even millions—in energy bills. Those savings get passed on to you, the tax- and rate-payers.

No wonder so many N.H. towns are considering net metering, or have invested money in designing plans, now shovel-ready.

But each of the last three years, Chris Sununu vetoed legislation to permit net metering projects of 1-5 megawatts (the right size for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals to benefit from economies of scale). Sununu’s veto caused more than 60 municipalities to scrap their plans, abandoning hopes of energy independence and savings.

Just a few: Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Conway, Derry, Dover, Enfield, Franklin, Groveton, Hanover, Jaffrey, Lebanon, Laconia, Manchester, Nashua, Ossipee, Rochester, Shelburne, Somersworth, Temple, Winchester….

What is “local control,” if towns can’t pursue enormous energy savings for their citizens? Is Sununu making his fossil fuel donors happy, by robbing our towns and you of the money you could be saving, on good clean renewable energy?

Sununu’s opponent, Senate Majority leader Dan Feltes, championed clean energy and net metering during his three terms in our N.H. state Senate. Check out Dan’s thorough, thoughtful energy plan: https://medium.com/@DanFeltesNH/green-jobs-green-future-dcf92e0db1c8.

Susan Richman

Durham, N.H.


Sununu père did incalculable damage as George H.[H.]W. Bush’s minion. We did what we could to catalog his sins in December, 2018 [https://www.nhgazette.com/pdf/263_06.pdf]. Now fils follows in his footsteps. If we had unlimited resources we’d turn an investigative team loose on our Hereditary Governor. We suspect it would take dozens of top-notch forensic accountants, and perhaps a few psychiatrists, to fathom the Sununu dynasty’s abhorrence of sustainability.

The Editor

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