Wed, Oct 28

2016—Disregarding advice from Justice Dept. lawyers, Director James Comey announces that the FBI has re-opened its investigation of the Democratic Presidential candidate 10 days before the election.

2015—A Raytheon® Spy Blimp gets loose in Maryland. Drifting halfway across Pennsylvania, dragging a mile-long tether, itknocks out power for 20,000: bye-bye $2.7 billion budget.

2007—The Red Sox take the World Series in four from the Rockies.

2005—Cheney henchman “Scooter” Libby resigns after he’s indicted.

1989—Congress passes a new, improved Flag Protection Act; 227 days later it’s struck down by the Court.

1980—Ronald Reagan out-debates Jimmy Carter—as well he should. His campaign manager, ex-CIA boss Bill Casey, slipped him a briefing book stolen from the Carter campaign.

1962—JFK andKhrushchev agree: Soviet nuclear missiles out of Cuba, U.S. nuclear missiles out of Turkey. Two years later, they’re gone, too.

1922—“Sent by divine providence,” according to Pope Pius XI, Benito Mussolini takes over in Rome.

1906—Ivy Lee issues the world’s first press release, deflecting blame from the Pennsylvania Railroad for the deaths of 50 passengers.

1793—Eli Whitney applies for a patent for his cotton gin. It will revive chattel slavery in the South and help bring wage slavery to the North.

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