Sat, Jan 23

2016—“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” says the Republican nominee in Sioux City, Iowa.

2001—The LA Times reports that “W” keys are missing from White House computers. It’s not true.

2000—Campaigning for President in Salem, N.H., John McCain tells reporters, “I would never do this again.”

1986—After getting an FOIA request from the son of the Agency’s former station chief in Mexico City, the CIA destroys audio tape of Lee Harvey Oswald talking on the phone to the Soviet Embassy there.

1986—In a mixup, half a ton of uranium is pumped into the sea at Windscale, England.

1973—R. Nixon claims his “peace with honor” deal with Ho doesn’t betray allies, abandon prisoners, or let the war go on. It does all three.

1968—North Korea seizes the USS Pueblo for spying within its waters.

1957—Klan members in Montgomery, Ala. force Willie Edwards Jr. to jump from a bridge. A judge quashes the indictment of 3 men 19 years later, saying “forcing a person to jump from a bridge does not naturally and probably lead to the death of such person.”

1870—On the Marias River in Montana, Maj. Eugene Baker’s soldiers massacre 173 Blackfoot women and children. Chief Heavy Runner dies holding a U.S. flag given to him to assure their safety.

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