Tues, May 18

1992—The 27th Amendment, barring any Congress from raising its own pay, is ratified after a 202 year process.

1982—Sun Myung Moon, a Reverend, is now a convicted tax cheat, too.

1980—Korean students in Gwangju, protesting closure of their university, are beaten and shot by paratroopers.

1980—Mount St. Helens cuts loose for the first time in 123 years.

1974—Operation Smiling Buddha is a success: now India has a nuke.

1969—The commander at Hamburger Hill orders helicopters out of the area to hold down friendly fire deaths.

1958—CIA pilot Al Pope is shot down while strafing an Indonesian port. The U.S. Ambassador claims he’s a mere “soldier of fortune.” Documents found on Pope prove it’s a lie.

1935—The propaganda plane Maxim Gorky, equipped with a printing plant and loudspeakers audible from the ground, crashes after it’s hit by an escorting fighter plane; 45 die.

1927—Edwin Hughes, last Charge of the Light Brigade survivor, dies at 96.

1927—Anti-tax pest Andrew Kehoe blows up the Bath, Mich. school, killing 39 kids and four others. After murdering his wife, he blows up himself and the school superintendent with a truck full of dynamite and nails.

1918—Congress creates the draft. Emma Goldman protests, for which she’s soon arrested.

1896—The Supreme Court OKs racial segregation in Plessy v. Ferguson.

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