Can Any Republican Officials Be Trusted?

To the Editor,

Most of the current red states have been red states for decades. Some large areas in these states do not have any viable Democratic Party presence at all. Can we expect a red state that loses a considerable number of key offices and majorities to allow the will of the voters to prevail? Will they even count votes properly in a situation they will lose in?

The national scene is troubling now, but at the state level will we see red state coups resist democracy at the state level?

My guess is that we will see red state voters throw Republicans out only to see Republican disgracefully, and perhaps successfully hold on to power.

Tom Laperriere

Milton, N.H.


If we understand your letter correctly, you are wondering if Republican election officials in red states might refuse to go along with the will of their own Republican voters, if those voters should happen to support the wrong Republicans.

We had not considered that possibility. To answer your question, yes. We can easily imagine this crew doing exactly that.

The Editor

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