Sun, July 11

2003—Condi Rice lies about White House knowledge of Joe Wilson’s Niger investigation; Ari Fleischer outs Valerie Plame as a CIA officer; Karl Rove lies to Time about Wilson’s wife, Plame; and CIA head George Tenet takes the rap for the White House’s lies about Iraq buying uranium.

1991—A defective heater sets a loaded ammunition carrier afire at Camp Doha in Kuwait. It explodes, scattering bomblets; blasts and fires consume 102 other vehicles, including four M1A1 Abrams tanks. The fires injure 49, three die cleaning up the mess.

1958—Mildred and Richard Loving are rousted out of bed in Central Point, Virginia and arrested for being married while Black and white.

1955—Congress puts “In God We Trust” on all U.S. coins and paper currency; which god is not specified.

1953—Ike OK’s the overthrow of Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq. What could go wrong?

1917—A Bisbee, Ariz. posse herds 1,186 striking copper miners into cattle cars and sends them by rail towards New Mexico with no food or water.

1864—Four miles north of the White House, at Ft. Stevens, Abraham Lincoln comes under enemy fire.

1804—At Weehauken, Hamilton fires into the ground in front of Burr. Burr aims and shoots Hamilton dead.

1713—Queen Anne’s War ends as Indians sign the Treaty of Portsmouth. The settlers soon renege.

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