Sun, Dec 12

2006—The Portsmouth Herald misquotes Sen. Barack Obama [D-Ill.], who, the day before, in Portsmouth, did not say, “The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.”

2005— “I think we are welcomed [in Iraq],” says George W.[MD] Bush, “but it was not a peaceful welcome.”

2000—The Supreme Court selects George W.[MD] Bush to be #43.

1995—A Flag Protection Amendment fails by three votes in the Senate.

1994—Freshmen Reps. of the new GOP majority fête Rush Limbaugh and make him an honorary Member at a raucus Heritage Foundation shindig.

1985—Arrow Air Flight 1285 crashes at Gander, killing 248 U.S. paratroopers and eight crew. Islamic Jihad claims credit, which a sketchy U.S. investigation attempts to deny.

1984—Eight minutes after the end of his first execution, Alpha Otis Stephens keeps breathing and moving. So, Georgia electrocutes him again.

1983—“New Trends in Missiles,” a Boston trade show, draws an anarchists entry; 1,000 cockroaches symbolize the only winners of nuclear war.

1983—Nancy Reagan sits on Mr. T’s lap and kisses him on the scalp.

1950—Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Bushmills) gives columnist Drew Pearson a kick in the groin.

1942—The Queen Mary, carrying 11,339 GIs and crew, rolls 52° when hit by a rogue wave up to 90 feet high; 55° and she would have capsized.

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