Sat, Feb 12

2004—USA Today reports that former top Texas Air National Guard officers say files were “cleansed” to protect George W.[MD] Bush.

1999—N.H.Senators Gregg and Smith notwithstanding, the Senate finds President Clinton not guilty.

1983—SS Marine Electric, a rusted, beat-up hulk whose lying owners faked inspections, sinks off Virginia; three survive from a crew of 34.

1976—The New World Liberation Front bombs Hearst Castle.

1975—Two top Nixon aides, Haldeman and Erlichman, and AG John Mitchell, are sentenced to prison.

1968—LBJ puts the kibosh on Westy’s plan to nuke the NVA.

1962—Bill Lancaster is discovered in the Sahara, mummified alongside his biplane, 29 years after disappearing.

1947—Sixty protesters burn draft cards in New York City.

1946—Black combat vet Isaac Woodard gets his honorable discharge and boards a bus in Georgia. Before he can get to N.C., he’s beaten and blinded by white cops in Aiken, S.C.

1917—A huge mob in Bisbee, Ariz. herds 1,200 members of the IWW into boxcars to be shipped off and dumped in the New Mexico desert.

1874—Marines and sailors from the U.S.S. Portsmouth quell a riot in Honolulu to assure the election of a pro-American King.

1839—The Aroostook War between Maine and New Brunswick begins.

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