Thurs, March 17

2017—Arguing Apocalypse Now in the Oval with ’Nam vets, Dolt #45 confuses Agent Orange with napalm.

2008—His high-priced hooker habit exposed, N.Y. Gov. E. Spitzer resigns.

2007—Navy Times: before he was a U.S.M.C. Cpl. and Fox News reporter, Matt Sanchez was a gay porn star.

2004—To honor St. Patrick, narcs and off-duty cops duke it out in Paddy’s parking lot at the Tradeport.

2003—George W.[MD] Bush tells Saddam Hussein that Iraq isn’t big enough for the both of them. Hitler 2.0 has 48 hours to get out.

1992—Dick “Dick” Cheney and two other members of G.H.[H.]W. Bush’s cabinet admit they wrote rubber checks on the House bank.

1960—Genial ol’ Ike signs off on a clandestine plan to overthrow the government of Cuba.

1923—Waterbury cops halt a meeting to prevent editor Carlo Tresca from reading the Connecticut Constitution’s Declaration of Rights.

1922—Washington, D.C.’s suburbs are littered with racist propaganda dropped by the Klan from a biplane.

1921—Cheka officers use machine guns to encourage Bolshevik troops to charge across the iced-over Neva River into machine gun fire from rebellious sailors at Kronstadt.

1892—Mercy Brown, dead at 19 and buried two months, is exhumed and de-vampirized in Exeter, R.I.; relatives eat her burned heart and liver.

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