Tues, May 3

2020—Dolt #45 desecrates the Lincoln Memorial with a campaign event.

2016—Lindsey Graham tweets, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it.”

2016—After accusing Ted Cruz’s father of being tied to the JFK assassination, Donald Trump wins Indiana and clinches the GOP nomination.

2003—The Old Man of the Mountain is busted by the Law of Gravity.

1995—Alabama Governor “Fob” James brings back the chain gang.

1987—E. J. Dionne’s column quotes Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.): “Follow me around;” meanwhile, the Miami Herald reports that a woman (not his wife) spent the night in his D.C. townhouse.

1971—Cops in D.C. set a record: 7,000 arrests in one day [12,000 over five days]—no food, no water, no toilets. Most charges are dropped, many arrestees recoup damages.

1970—“[The NVA has] been in a war for years and years,” says Veep Spiro “Ted” Agnew. “I don’t think they are capable…of continuing this fight.”

1968—French students protest; administrators call cops. Big mistake.

1946—Wired by a drunken trustee, “Gruesome Gertie,” Louisiana’s electric chair, fails to kill Willie Francis; back to Death Row he goes. Gertie does get Willie a year later; he’s 18.

1945—The RAF bombs the German ship Cap Arcona, believing it’s carrying SS officers. Of 4,500 concentration camp inmates aboard, 350 survive.

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