Fri, Sept 30

2016—N.H.’s Attorney General reports that ex-Rep. Kyle Tasker [R-Nottingham] sold pot to five other State Reps. for medicinal purposes.

2011—U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki is smote by a drone in Yemen. Trial? We don’t need no stinkin’ trial!

1998—The GAO reports that Ken Starr had spent $40 million in a failed effort to nail Bill Clinton.

1962—César Chávez founds what becomes the United Farm Workers.

1956—Drunk-flying a stolen Cessna, Thomas Fitzpatrick lands on St. Nicholas St. in Manhattan, taxis to Joe’s on the corner, and orders a beer.

1954—U.S.S. Nautilus, the first atomic-powered ship, is launched.

1938—Thanks to the Munich Agreement, peace in Europe is assured.

1919—A white man dies in a shootout in Elaine, Ark. Over the next three days, 240 Blacks and five whites die in the U.S.’s worst single racial conflict.

1864—Black Union soldiers capture Confederate entrenchments at the Battle of New Market Heights.

1847—Dr. Valorous P. Coolidge, of Waterville, Me., autopsies Edward Mathews—superfluously, since he had just poisoned the deceased, then struck him on the head to disguise the cause of death. He is later hanged.

1630—John Billington becomes the first Pilgrim hanged for murder.

1542—Johannes Gutenberg publishes The Bible. No royalties for the presumed author.

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