Wed, Mar 15

2018—Six die and eight are injured in Miami when a bridge, designed by the same firm as the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, collapses.

1999—The “Hockey Stick” graph shows that global warming’s real; corporate liars get a big career boost.

1989—To flatter veterans without incurring actual additional expenses, the Veterans Administration is elevated to Departmental status.

1982—Donald Trump gets a New Jersey casino licence—normally a months-long process—in hours.

1980—A Boston Globe editorial about a speech by Jimmy Carter is headlined, “Mush from the Wimp.”

1969—The National Security Council OKs the Nixon/Kissinger plan to illegally bomb Cambodia.

1962—Flying Tiger Flight 739 from Travis AFB to Saigon disappears with 107 soldiers and crew on board.

1948—“Without superior air power America is…easy prey to any yellow dwarf with a pocket knife,” says LBJ on the floor of the House.

1940—The Grapes of Wrath premiers.

1910—Oil driller Charlie “Dry Hole” Woods hits a wet one in Kern County, Calif. The Lakeview Gusher spews 9 million barrels in 18 months; the largest single spill in history.

1874—A French “protectorate” takes over in Annam (Vietnam).

1760—Governor Benning Wentworth, 64, marries his housekeeper, Martha Hilton, 23.

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