Sun, Aug 27

2014—Arthur T. Demoulas gets the OK to buy and run Market Basket.

2012—New Hampshire “wasn’t a battleground state in 2010,” says Executive Councilor Chris Sununu on C-SPAN. “We swept the vermin out and it’s now a solid Republican state.”

1991—An ABA panel rates Clarence Thomas. Two members find him “not qualified” for the Supreme Court; none find him “well-qualified.”

1980—FBI agents use C-4 to disarm a half-ton bomb planted in Harvey’s Resort Hotel in Stateline, Nevada. Result: a 50- by 30-foot crater.

1979—Admiral of the Fleet Louis Mountbatten is assassinated by an IRA bomb which destroys his 27-foot fishing boat off County Sligo.

1960—Whites in Jacksonville, Fla., react to Black lunch counter sit-ins with “Ax Handle Saturday.”

1949—Three FBI agents observe as a mob attacks the audience at a Paul Robeson concert in Peekskill, N.Y.

1938—Robert Frost, 64 and jealous, sets fire to papers to disrupt Archibald MacLeish’s poetry reading.

1919—On Churchill’s orders, British biplanes drop poison gas on Russian villages in Arkhangelsk Oblast.

1831—Maj. Thomas Biddle and Rep. Spencer Darwin Pettis [D-Mo.] meet on Bloody Island, just off St. Louis. Biddle is myopic so they duel with pistols at five feet. Both are mortally wounded; honor being satisfied, though, they forgive each other.

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