Sun, Sept 24

2007—A plane previously used for “rendition” flights carrying alleged terrorists to Gitmo crashes in the Yucatan carrying 3.3 tons of cocaine.

2006—The New York Times reports that our spies think the Iraq War makes Islamic terrorism more likely.

2006—George W.[MD] Bush says, “When the final history is written on Iraq, it will look just like a comma.”

1981—CIA boss Bill Casey says the Freedom of Information Act shouldn’t apply to intelligence agencies.

1978—On his yacht in Chesapeake Bay, right-handed CIA spook John Paisley takes a shotgun blast behind his left ear. It’s ruled suicide.

1968—Protestors destroy 10,000 draft files in Milwaukee, Wis.

1957—The 101st Airborne arrives in Little Rock, Arkansas and establishes a perimeter around Little Rock High.

1955—Vacationing Ike has a heart attack but his doc diagnoses indigestion. He falsifies papers to protect his reputation and Ike’s electability.

1945—Reacting to yesterday’s French coup, the Viet Minh paralyze Saigon with a general strike, storm the jail, and liberate hundreds of comrades.

1911—Portsmouth-born U.S. Navy Ensign Charles Emerson Hovey, 26, is shot and killed by natives on the island of Basilan in the Philippines.

1869—Black Friday: Jay Gould and Jim Fisk conspire to “corner” gold; the market collapses, chaos ensue. Both are charged, neither is convicted.

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