Sun, Jan 21

2001—With George W.[MD] Bush duly sworn in, Paul Wolfowitz, Ahmad Chalaby, Doug Feith and other neocons meet at Richard Perle’s home to plot a regime change in Iraq.

2001—Ignoring the jeers of 20,000 demonstrators, the New York Times “reports” George W.[MD] Bush may usher in a “new era of… social justice.”

1997—Newt Gingrich becomes the first Speaker of the House to be disciplined for unethical behavior.

1996—Bill and Monica enjoy their fifth illicit encounter.

1981—National Security Advisor Dick Allen does Nancy Reagan a favor, intercepting gifts from a Japanese reporter the law prohibits her from accepting. She repays the favor by exploiting that act to get Allen fired.

1977—Pres. Carter issues a blanket pardon to all Vietnam draft dodgers.

1968—The NVA begins a 78-day siege of U.S. Marines at Khe Sanh. Outnumbered five to one and suffering 737 KIA/MIA, Marines prevail.

1968—A heater SNAFU ignites unauthorized foam seats aboard a B-52 over Greenland. It crashes, scattering parts of four H-bombs—which are barred by treaty with Denmark.

1946—The largest strike in U.S. history: 750,000 steelworkers walk out.

1867—A San Francisco cop foolishly arrests Emperor Norton I; civic unrest naturally ensues. The Police Chief apologizes to the Emperor, and officers begin to salute him on the street.

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