Sun, May 12

2015—An FEC report says that after denying wrongdoing for years, Rep. Frank Guinta [R-N.H.] has agreed to repay an illegal $355K campaign loan and pay a $15K fine to boot.

1996—Sec. of State Albright tells “60 Minutes” that killing 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions is “a very hard choice, but…the price is worth it.”

1987—News reports say Oliver North lost a $10 million contribution for the Contras by using the wrong Swiss bank account number.

1984—Philip Abrams, HUD Undersecretary under R. Reagan, says Hispanics live in crowded homes out of “cultural preference,” not poverty.

1975—Khmer Rouge naval forces using ex-U.S. Swift Boats seize the U.S. container ship Mayagüez and 39 crewmen off Cambodia.

1960—The remains of SSgt. Guy E. Shelley are found 97 miles from where he parachuted to Earth, 17 years after his plane crashed in the Sahara.

1958—Future Defense Secretary Robert Strange McNamara says cabbage and broccoli will protect Americans from atomic fallout.

1947—Trunk murderess Winnie Ruth Judd makes her third escape from the Arizona State Insane Hospital.

1937—George Carlin is born.

1916—In deference to the wounds they inflicted during the Easter Uprising, the Royal Irish Constabulary put James Connolly in a chair so the firing squad can shoot him one last time.

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