Fri, June 28

2018—A Trump supporter with a grudge and a shotgun kills five in the Capital Gazette [Md.] newsroom.

2009—Stephen Hawking throws a party for time travelers. No one shows.

2005—Operation Red Wings goes sideways: 19 U.S. special operators die in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, including Daniel R. Healy of Exeter, N.H. It’s the greatest single loss for U.S. special ops since WW II.

1994—The Department of Energy admits hundreds of U.S. citizens were used as unwitting guinea pigs in radiation experiments during the Cold War.

1975—Rod Serling enters another dimension….

1972—Nixon says no new draftees will be sent to Vietnam, further eroding an anti-war movement already weakened by the lottery.

1971—Muhammad Ali’s conviction for draft evasion is overturned.

1969—Gays and lesbians battle cops at the Stonewall Inn in N.Y.C.

1957—At 295 Broome St., New York City’s last known opium den is busted.

1943—The Sub-chaser PC-815 fires target rounds at the Coronado Islands, off San Diego; Mexican Coast Guardsmen stationed there object. The ship’s captain, Lt. L. Ron Hubbard [yes, him] is relieved of duty.

1689—Retaliating for a massacre he conducted 13 years earlier, Abenakis kill Maj. Richard Waldron of Dover with his own sword; 22 other Anglos die, too, and 29 are sold into slavery.

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