Missing Trump’s Press Conferences

To the Editor:

I have been missing Trump’s appearances at the 5 p.m. pandemic press conferences more than I realized. His comments were a source of truth and information not to be found elsewhere.

For example: when he called the pandemic a hoax, I knew it was real; when he said it was contained, I knew it would spread rampantly; when he said he would make sure small businesses would be taken care of as provided for in the Congressional bailout package, I knew they were toast and the money siphoned off to big business; when he said, “No, I don’t take any responsibility,” I knew his administration had flubbed the dub even more than was obvious; when Dr. Trump started prescribing treatments for the virus, like Clorox and anti-malarial drugs, I knew more people would die.

See! Trump does tell the truth, you just have to interpret his alternate facts mind set to get to it.

Michael Frandzel

Portsmouth, N.H.

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