This One Sees What He Wants To See

To the Editor:

The end of the world is near, death, death, pandemic, pandemic, we are all in this together, we all in this together…yes, we are, because millions have had Covid-19 and no more are dying than other high flu seasons. Yet all we hear every night are [sic] not calm and reflective reporting—just fear stories. It is sad that we lemmings are so terribly manipulated. …

They push the leaders and snip and bark and sensationalize and only report ignorant anecdotal stories with no real background but to blind you from the truth. A pandemic means worldwide, like heart disease, drug overdoses, cancer and lying politicians. Not certainty of death.

Face masks not fitting, schools and churches closed—gyms, parks, friends, family, &c.…all empty or alone. Millions left out even more so, we are all in this together but the poor or day to day paycheck types are in lines for food that the other 90 percent are not. Bureaucrats are not all in this together, they lose no pay, or social togetherness at their job, no businesses, not college tuition for their kids, not their house or apartment, they lose nothing in their decisions nor have responsibility, accountability, and always and simply the power to mindlessly do it again.

They overplayed even when they had the numbers and statistics to make us understand we will all have a very good chance of getting the flu-Covid 19 but not dying any more than past flu seasons. The press grab the tail of the dog and wagged the politicians. Only Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida did his homework every day and watched the numbers and understood how to balance them with good decisions. Shame on the lazy rest and here is why as of April 22nd.

As of April 22nd in N.H. you have a 0.000036 chances of fatality mostly if you have other illnesses and over 65 years old. Not yet anywhere near the average high flu season? The U.S. chances are now 0.000144 of dying from the flu, 46,000 fatalities are the bottom of 2017/18 [flu season]—95 percent accuracy of the CDC estimate that 46,000 to 95,000 died from flu “related Illness,” or [in] CDC terms, “Influenza Like Illness—ILI—and/or of pneumonia.

Yes it is bad but managed in a few places and descending. You see many of the casualties are related to preconditions the flu did not cause which is typical from past flu seasons….Oops, sorry, the policrats have buggered up the entire U.S. economy and put us into another Great Depression.

Jeff Frost

Alexandria, N.H.


Did you get those numbers from Sean Hannity?

You know what’s really depressing? Knowing that the best we “highly advanced” descendants of lemurs can come up with for a system of governance is one giving your choices the same weight as a person whose brain has not been infected with a virus worse than the one that’s causing this pandemic.

The Editor

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