Thurs. May 14

2015—The Union Leader’s editorial, in full: “Frank Guinta is a damned liar.”

1992—The George H.[H.]W. Bush administration opens up 1,400 acres of spotted owl habitat for logging.

1987—Robert “Bud” McFarlane tells Congress that if he’d objected to arming Central American terrorists, “Bill Casey, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and Cap Weinberger would have said I was some kind of commie.”

1975—The Khmer Rouge take the captive crew of the Mayagüez to mainland Cambodia.

1969—Two companies of the 101st assault an NVA regiment atop Hamburger Hill. Despite 12 KIA and 80 WIA, they make no progress.

1961—Klansmen in Anniston, Ala. celebrate Mother’s Day by torching a bus. The Freedom Riders on board escape the fire, but not a savage beating.

1960—The New Yorker’s A.J. Liebling writes, “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

1932—Mayor Jimmy Walker leads 150,000 New Yorkers in a day-long “We Want Beer” parade.

1930—The New York Times, in 157 words about the New Hampshire Historical Society’s acquisition of a 18th century pamphlet, The Monster of Monsters, mis-states who was jailed and for how long, cites the wrong printer (Zechariah Fowle, not Daniel), and mistates this paper’s name.

964—John XII’s papacy is abruptly ended by a jealous husband.

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