Tues. May 19

2017—Big game hunter Theunis Botha, 51, dies in Zimbabwe when an elephant shot by a client falls on him.

1962—In Madison Square Garden, Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.

1956—A 15-megaton bomb test in the South Pacific raises radiation levels in the U.S. to 10 times normal.

1954—The U.S.P.O. OKs a CIA mail-opening project.

1953—A wind shift in Nevada sends fallout from our dirtiest-ever nuke test, Upshot-Knothole Harry, to where Howard Hughes will film The Conqueror one year later.

1950—In South Amboy, N.J., four ammunition barges carrying 467 tons of ammunition explode killing 30 and injuring 350 more.

1943—U.S. sub-chaser PC-815, commanded by L. Ron. Hubbard, engages non-existent Japanese subs in battle off the Oregon coast.

1932—Rep. Claude Fuller (D-Ark.) introduces a bill requiring Civil Service employees be able to “sing, write or recite the words to the Star Spangled Banner” from memory.

1925—Malcolm Little, later “X,” is born in Omaha, Neb.

1920—In Matewan, W. Va., seven coal company stooges and four locals die in a main street shootout.

1918—For protesting her husband’s lynching the day before, Mary Turner, eight months pregnant, is lynched in Lowndes County, Ga.

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  1. Mana Nui

    Thank you for writing.

    We’d prefer to think of this entry as “apparently incorrect,” rather than false—we certainly never intended to knowingly publish anything that was not true.

    The link you provided, and some additional material just received, does tell a markedly different story. We will now make a few changes.

    Thanks again—we do appreciate this.

    The Editor

  2. In reference to the PC 815 and “no sub,” please read this article where one of the other subchasers (SC-536) did see the sub, oil and blood in the water after their dropping depth charges. This is not PC 815, but the other ship that was on the chase.
    Plus there are blimp reports that they say they saw bubbles and a periscope–I can send you the blimp reports. Please correct your article it is false.

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