Put Joe Behind the Wheel

To the Editor:

Living under the Trump Administration feels like being a passenger in a speeding car with a texting driver. And it gets worse. The President’s frequent threats to suppress vote-by-mail ballots are the equivalent of engaging the child door locks, trying to trap us in his reckless journey. He’s putting lives at risk because of his feckless leadership in a crisis.

The President’s allies might suggest that Joe Biden is just an old man, driving below the speed limit. Given a choice, I’d rather be in Biden’s car. He would be more aware of what is going on around his vehicle. Unlike the President he would not put his passengers’ lives needlessly at risk. Unlike the President, he would be open to input from his passengers on the best and safest route to the destination they have chosen.

I think I’ll hitch a ride with Joe Biden in November!

Andrew Weir

San Antonio, Texas


We’re with you—despite being somewhat disgruntled at having to settle for a geriatric driver.

The Editor

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