Our Coward-in-Chief

To the Editor:

President Trump is so afraid of the Covid virus that everyone in the White House has to be tested every day. If anyone close to him or the Vice President tests positive Trump starts popping the pills he claimed were going to be the great cure. Given that, why would anyone think it is safe to go back to work when neither you, your coworkers or customers have been tested at all, let alone daily. Why would you trust the word of our Presidential Coward-in-Chief?

Senator Susan Collins and her party believe they can force the 36 million who lost their jobs to risk their and their family’s lives by stopping the unemployment checks in July. They do not care about workers’ lives. They are expendable. Companies are not. They want to prevent companies from being sued if you or a customer get sick or die because they put money over people.

If Donald Trump and his party cared anything about the health of you and your family there would not be 97,000 dead and counting. They certainly would not be treating your life as less important than company profits or their own reelection.

Walter Hamilton

Portsmouth N.H.


More frightening than this pandemic is the knowledge that so many Americans look at the same man you describe and see, not a craven coward, but a hero.

The Editor

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