Sadists and Masochists

To the Editor:

I got a good laugh today. A guy told me “The far right Republicans are evil and the lefty Democrats stink; we need politicians that are in between.”

Well I see the Republicans as a form of sadists and yes, that makes the Democrats masochists. This might seem a strange view at first but don’t the Democrats lose so often and so painfully that by now its obvious they secretly want it. Before every kick in the teeth they get down on all fours and wail about the injustice the Republicans are going to commit, and then, like clockwork, another kick in the teeth for the Democrats to howl in pain about.

I guess there really isn’t any place in the middle of that; which explains why no one is there.

The Democrats keep trying to get a safe word but Mitch McConnell won’t agree to one.

Tom Laperriere

Rochester, N.H.


Good god, man—did you have to put these images into our formerly-chaste editorial head?

The Editor

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