Sat. June 6

2013—News reports show that yesterday’s stories about NSA spying are just the tip of the iceberg.

2002—Donald Rumsfeld tells the unknowing that unknown unknowns are “things we do not know we don’t know.” He should know.

2001—Florida man Vance Flosenzier drags a seven-foot shark from shallow water; paramedics drag his nephew Jesse Arbogast’s arm from its mouth; doctors successfully re-attach the arm.

1989—Nuclear weapon manufacturing ends at Rocky Flats, Colo. when FBI and EPA agents raid the joint.

1989—Greenpeace reports there are 50 nuclear weapons and nine reactors on the ocean floor.

1988—At a food irradiation plant in Georgia, “unbreakable” cesium capsules break, nuking ten workers.

1980—Nuke-armed B-52s go on alert for the second time in three days after a computer glitch signals a Soviet attack on the U.S.

1978—Voters nuke California’s tax base and future by passing Prop. 13.

1975—Governor Mel Thomson calls for the N.H. National Guard to be armed with nuclear weapons.

1949—Orwell publishes 1984. Originally a novel, it became non-fiction.

1944—GIs, Brits, Canadians, &c. hit the beach at Normandy, France.

1907—The U. of Bern denies Einstein a PhD: his theories about time and space are radical and his assumptions “more artistic than actual Physics.”

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