Sun. June 7

2018—Attacked by a bobcat in her Georgia driveway, DeDe Phillips, 46, strangles the rabid animal.

1997—Activists are arrested for passing out the Bill of Rights outside the pro-nuclear Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos.

1971—The Armed Forces Journal publishes an article saying “our army…in Vietnam is in a state approaching collapse.”

1971—Busted for “disturbing the peace,” [i.e., wearing a jacket with “Fuck The Draft” on the back in a California courthouse], Paul Cohen is sprung by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1969—Marine PFC Dan Bullock is killed in ’Nam. He is 15.

1966—Walking for voting rights and freedom, James Meredith, 32, gets three blasts from a shotgun in Hernando, Miss. He’s 86 now.

1960—A BOMARC missile at a site in N.J. catches fire, melting the 10-kiloton nuclear warhead on board; eleven ounces of plutonium go missing.

1943—In L.A., 5,000 soldiers, sailors, and civilians strip and beat zoot-suited Hispanics.

1924—George Mallory disappears near the summit of Mt. Everest.

1920—KKK Imperial Wizard William J. Simmons hires two PR experts: membership explodes.

1917—Messines, Belgium and 10,000 Germans vanish as British engineers detonate 19 huge mines. The explosion is heard in Dublin.

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