Tues, June 23

2016—During W.Va.’s worst flooding in 100 years, a burning house is filmed floating down a creek.

2008—James Hansen warns Congress about global warming—again.

2005—Roller coaster safety expert Richard H. Brown, 64, dies of injuries received in a fall in his own driveway.

2001—“Dark Winter”—a war game simulation of a smallpox outbreak in the U.S.—shows lack of preparation for pandemic would result in chaos.

2001—CNN reports on threat of “imminent attack” by bin Laden.

1988—NASA’s James Hansen warns Congress of the seriousness of the threat of global warming.

1976—Edwin Walker, former Army General and Lee Harvey Oswald target, is arrested for fondling an undercover cop in a Dallas men’s room.

1972—Nixon’s own tape recorder catches him telling H.R. Haldeman to order the CIA to block an FBI investigation of his Watergate crime.

1955—Bill Loeb writes in the Union Leader that Ike has “done more to destroy the respect, honor and power of the U.S. than any President in its history.” He ain’t seen nothing yet.

1950—A Douglas DC-4 with 58 aboard vanishes over Lake Michigan.

1947—The U.S. Senate puts the screws to labor by overriding Truman’s veto of the Taft-Hartley Act.

1937—George Orwell, wounded, flees Spain with his wife after Communists suppress anarchists.

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