Wed, June 24

1994—Air Force Lt. Col Arthur Holland, hot-dogging during air-show practice maneuvers, crashes a B-52 at Fairchild AFB in Washington State.

1982—All engines fail on a British Airways 747 en route to Australia after flying through a cloud of volcanic ash; 14 minutes later, pilots re-start the engines and land successfully.

1971—Nixon’s Special Counsel Charles Colson circulates the first White House “Enemies List.”

1970—Staging fails on the Kittery side of the Piscataqua River Bridge project. Four men fall 75 feet to their deaths, seven others are injured.

1968—Gen. Earle G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, tells a Long Island audience, “The enemy has lost whatever chance he had of taking South Vietnam by military force.”

1968—Cops and the Guard shut down “Resurrection City U.S.A.” in D.C. with dogs and smoke grenades.

1947—Private pilot Kenneth Arnold reports “flying saucers” over Washington state.

1924—The Democratic National Convention begins. It ends 17 days later, having voted down an anti-Klan plank.

1902—Deadline looming, Joseph Conrad upsets an oil lamp and accidentally burns the second installment of The End of the Tether.

1524—Countess Helena von Lupfen orders Stühlingen peasants to collect snail shells for her maids, triggering the German Peasants War.

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