Mon, June 29

2016—The 477-foot tanker Chem Venus runs aground off Goat Island, damaging itself and three boats at the Kittery Point Yacht Club.

2006—“It was not always certain,” says George W.[MD] Bush, “that the U.S. and America would have a close relationship.”

1989—The Washington Times reports that high officials in the Reagan & Bush I administrations are under investigation for involvement in a homosexual prostitution ring. The story quickly and conveniently evaporates.

1987—“We don’t care,” declares Attorney General Ed “Meese is a Pig” Meese, “about the political or ideological allegiances of a prospective judge.” His audience bursts out laughing.

1966—U.S. starts bombing major oil facilities in Hanoi and Haiphong harbor.

1956—The U.S. Federal Highway Act OK’s 42,500 miles of new highway so the Pentagon can move stuff around if the Cold War turns hot.

1940—The Smith Act, requiring aliens in the U.S. to register with the government, is enacted.

1897—The Chicago Cubs score 36 runs in one game against Louisville.

1620—Tobacco growing is banned in England, conveniently giving the Virginia Company a lucrative monopoly.

1613—A performance of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII is interrupted when the Globe Theater burns to the ground.

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