Sun, July 26

1968—The newly elected President of South Vietnam jails the runner-up.

1968—Mexican troops arrest thousands of students and shoot hundreds, killing dozens.

1959—An engine failure forces U.S.M.C. Lt. Col. William Rankin to eject from his F-8 fighter jet over a thunderstorm. Aloft for 40 minutes amid lightning, hail, and -58° temperatures, he survives.

1953—Arizona State Police and National Guard arrest the whole damn town of Short Creek for polygamy.

1950—The U.S. 7th Cavalry, backed by air support, kills between 200 and 400 Korean refugees at No Gun Ri.

1948—Harry Truman orders that the U.S. military be desegregated.

1947—The National Security Act creates the CIA and NSA and turns the War Department into the DoD.

1936—With dozens of fellow Commies along for cover, Bill Bailey rips the Nazi flag from the bow of the Bremen and throws it New York’s harbor.

1924—Bath, Maine hosts a KKK rally, complete with burning cross and a parade led by the City Marshall.

1877—In Chicago, Federal troops kill 30 strikers in the Battle of the Viaduct. In East St. Louis, the Mayor sends 700 cops and goons to strike headquarters, ordering “shoot to kill.”

1758—The French fortress of Louisburg, taken by New Englanders in 1744 and given back by Britain three years later, is re-taken by the British.

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