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To the Editor:

[Note: Readers are advised to view the statistics herein as dubious. Mr. Ewing has been known to give questionable sources far more credit than is due. As for his alleged arguments, see our reply. – The Ed.]

Democrats blame white Americans for Black Americans’ problems. If you’re white, are you harming Black Americans? Or, are Democrats blaming white Americans for the harm to Black Americans caused by Democrats?

Note: most Black Americans live like most other Americans; they study, obey the law, and work to build successful lives for themselves and their families. There are Black billionaires, millionaires, and 77 percent of Black Americans live above the poverty level.

Unfortunately about 23 percent of Black Americans (vs 13 percent for all Americans) live in poverty. The worst concentrations of poor Blacks are in big cities which Democrats have controlled for decades.

If racism is to blame for the poverty and oppression of Black Americans, then that racism must exist in government policies and services; and that racism must be permitted by the Democrat[ic], including Black Democrat[ic], politicians who control those governments.

Democrat[ic]-controlled governments (Mayors, City Councilors, &c.) deny Black children good educations in safe schools. They create taxes and regulations that drive good jobs and affordable goods out of Black neighborhoods. They prevent police from protecting Black neighborhoods and firing bad officers. They provide sanctuary to illegal aliens who bring drugs and crime to Black neighborhoods and take good jobs from Black workers. Democrat[ic] Mayors ordered the police to ignore 911 calls for help and to allow the falsely described “peaceful protestors” to attack and kill people, and loot, burn, and destroy Black neighborhoods. Democrat[ic] politicians are joining the “Defund the Police” movement which will exacerbate violence problems.

Democrat[ic] leaders, like Nancy Pelosi, attack President Trump for sending Federal law enforcement to protect lives and property.

President Johnson’s “Great Society’s” welfare laws made husbands unnecessary for family income; births to unwed Black Mothers tripled to 75 percent. Two-thirds of Black families headed by single mothers live in poverty and their children have a much higher chance of dropping out of school and ending up in prison.

Democrats have the power to eliminate these things that hurt Black Americans; why don’t they do it?

Democrats apparently fear that if more Black Americans were better educated, wealthier, and lived in peaceful neighborhoods, they might realize that today’s Democrats don’t care about them any more than the Democrats who fought for slavery, created the KKK, segregated governments and schools, and passed and violently enforced the Jim Crow Laws.

Democrats won’t stop harming Black Americans because that might jeopardize the Democrats’ power.

Apart from exercising government power, racists don’t have the power to legally harm so many Black Americans. But, by voting for Democrat[ic] politicians, racists and people who ignore Black suffering help the politicians who benefit from harming millions of Black Americans every single day.

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.


You certainly are persistent—and consistent. We’re curious. We doubt ourselves a hundred times a day, and that’s probably nowhere near enough. Have you ever tried it? Perhaps you should.

You have built your argument on the ludicrous premise that Democratic—note the last two letters, please, leaving them out makes you sound like a crank—mayors created their cities from scratch on the first day of their terms, in isolation from the national and global economy. It is necessary, of course, to take such violent liberties to arrive at your obvious goal: to heap all responsibility for the consequences of structural racism upon its victims and your political opponents.

Speaking of opposition, your letter makes no mention of Republicans. Perhaps that’s because today’s Republicans are the direct ideological heirs of the Democrats you so love to disparage.

They started deserting the Democratic Party when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Ronald Reagan finished the job by kicking off his 1980 Presidential campaign in Mississippi—at the closest fairground he could find to an infamous KKK triple murder.

The Editor


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