Pro-Growth Dem., N.H. House Candidate

To the Editor:

My name is Duane Hammond and I want to use my talents and skills for the well-being of all citizens in Alton, Gilmanton and the State of New Hampshire to include Democrats, Republicans and Independents as a Pro-Growth Democrat by being elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

What is Pro-Growth? Simply stated, I believe in building our New Hampshire economy from the bottom-up, as opposed to our present “trickle down” economy.

For years, large multinational American-based corporations have benefitted from big tax breaks and favored status in the belief that, if they have more money, they’ll hire more workers.

Not true, big breaks have all too often resulted in bonuses for management, and the purchase of equipment and technology resulting in the elimination of well-paying jobs. I can’t hold this against businesses, after all, they are in business to make money and pay their investors. But, these “breaks” are not available to the middle class citizens or entrepreneurs, the dreamers, innovators, small businesses and/or inventors who want to build their own business.

By adopting a Pro-Growth economy, where public/private investments are used to help build businesses from the bottom-up, it will spur financial growth by creating many well-paying jobs in New Hampshire.

My plans are very much in “double-harness” with the same economic plans advocated by Presidential candidate Joe Biden. My ideas on how to achieve a 2-3 percent growth in New Hampshire will be explained through the media, and at my “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” talks I’m pleased to offer interested groups or organizations seeking a speaker.

Much of who I am and what I believe in is rooted in the fact that I’m a New Hampshire native, born and bred here, know and understand the New Hampshire way of life, live free or die, and who we really are: hard working, dedicated to what’s right, truth, fairness, honest, willing to help others and love our independence.

I’m an environmentalist and strongly support alternative, non-polluting energy such as solar, wind and hydro. I do not support any increase in state taxes.

As a hunter I support the 2nd Amendment but with some exceptions. I support the U.S.S.C. decision on Roe v. Wade, and the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid.

In education, I support taxpayer funding for our public schools only, and for high school students who qualify, two years of junior college or a trade school education to earn an Associate’s Degree.

Finally, I strongly support equal pay for equal work regardless of race, color, sex, or sexual orientation.

As a State of New Hampshire Pro Growth Representative, I promise to be hardworking and a dedicated member of the House using my experiences, gained knowledge, capabilities and creative skills to serve the good people in District #5, the best I can.

Duane Hammond

Alton, N.H.


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