Fri, July 31

1999—Eugene Shoemaker becomes the first Earthling whose cremated remains are interred on the moon.

1996—Gerald Ford and George H.[H.] Walker Bush uphold the dignity of their former office by speaking for pay before followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

1974—Richard Nixon’s former advisor John Ehrlichman gets a free five-year stay at a felons’ country club.

1972—Tom Eagleton withdraws his candidacy; the public is shocked.

1971—The “Justice” Department OK’s ITT’s ownership of Hartford Fire Insurance; ITT’s recent $400,000 “contribution” to the GOP convention is a mere coincidence.

1971—Dave Scott drives the first motor vehicle on the moon.

1961—Bruce Britt Sr. outruns cops at 120 mph, runs aboard a DC-3 in Chico, Calif., and shoots two men; but the first U.S. skyjacking fails.

1950—Chicago OK’s a plan to tattoo citizens with their blood type.

1944—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry disappears over southern France.

1938—New York Yankee Jake Powell is suspended for saying on Chicago radio that he’d “hit every colored person in Chicago over the head with a club.”

1934—Gerhard Zucker’s proposed mail rocket explodes in Scotland. The mail is incinerated, and he’s deported.

1921—Pennsylvania censors a Will Rogers movie because it portrays hoboes in too favorable a light.

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