Wed, Aug 12

2004—Tom McGreevy, the Democratic Governor of New Jersey, admits he’s been sleeping with a man who is not his wife, then resigns.

2000—The Russian sub Kursk is sunk in the Barents Sea, probably by its own torpedo; 112 crew members perish.

1985—A 747 with 524 on board, enroute to Osaka, crashes after the tail falls off. Many survive but, due to delays, only four are rescued alive.

1958—Art Kane takes the photo known as “A Great Day in Harlem:” 57 jazz greats on a brownstone stoop.

1955—Ike raises the minimum wage from 75 cents to $1 per hour.

1953—Russia tests an H-bomb.

1935—Babe Ruth plays his last game at Fenway.

1898—The U.S. annexes Hawaii and makes peace with Spain.

1865—Joseph Lister introduces a novel refinement to the art of surgery, which he calls “disinfectant.”

1827—William Blake is released from his earthly form.

1806—In Haverhill, N.H. 10,000 assemble to see Josiah Burnham hanged on his 63rd birthday. He had stabbed two fellow inmates in debtors prison.

1676—John Alderman, a “Praying Indian,” shoots and kills Metacom, aka King Philip. Alderman is awarded the head and one hand. He sells the head to the town of Plymouth where it’s displayed atop a stake for 25 years. Metacom’s wife and child are sold to West Indian slave traders.

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