Sun, Aug 16

1977—Elvis allegedly dies.

1971—John Dean writes his boss, Richard Nixon, a memo on how to “use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”

1968—Armed guards subdue—temporarily—228 rioting Marines in the brig at Danang, wounding seven.

1966—A House Un-American Activities Committee opens a hearing into anti-war protestors’ alleged aid to the Viet Cong. Chaos erupts.

1956—A target drone goes haywire over Los Angeles County. Two F-89s fail to down it but damage a station wagon and two houses, and cause three fires burning 800 acres.

1951—In France, Pont-Saint-Esprit suddenly seems to go mad. Ergot is blamed at first, but later evidence suggests CIA-administered LSD.

1945—Two State Dept. guys in their 30s use a National Geographic map to determine where to split Korea.

1942—Two Navy officers disappear off San Francisco. Their unoccupied blimp crashes in Daly City.

1938—Hell hounds catch up with Robert Johnson, 27.

1841—For vetoing a bill re-establishing a bank,protestors hurl rocks at the White House, fire guns in the air, and burn an effigy of “His Accidency.”

1819—British authorities respond to 60,000 peaceful protestors at St. Peter’s Field in Manchester with a cavalry charge. At least 500 are injured but somehow only 15 are killed.

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