Sat, Aug 29

2013—Thanks to Edward Snowden, Americans learn that the “Black Budget” of the “Intelligence Community” is $52.6 billion a year.

2007—Due to careless accounting, an Air Force B-52 at Minot AFB in North Dakota is loaded with six live nukes, then left unguarded overnight.

2006—George W.[MD] Bush tells NBC interviewer Brian Williams, “I’ve got an ek-a-lec-tic reading list.”

1996—Clinton gets the nod for a second term. His advisor Dick Morris resigns because it’s been revealed he paid $200 an hour to suck a woman’s toes.

1977—Memphis cops nab three people trying to steal Elvis’s corpse.

1968—A week-long rebellion erupts at the Long Binh Jail in Vietnam.

1957—Despite a 24 hr., 18 min. filibuster by Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.)—father, at 22, of a mixed-race child by his family’s 16-year-old maid—the Civil Rights Act passes.

1956—Jesus Christ “GG” Allin, the most depraved punk rocker in history, is born in Lancaster, N.H.

1921—Coal companies use hired airplanes to drop bombs on miners at Blair Mountain, W. Va.

1787—Though dropped the day before when two objected, on this day Framers agree: fugitive slaves “shall be delivered up to the person justly claiming their service or labor.”

1786—Armed farmers in Northampton, Mass. close the courts to prevent foreclosures.

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