Free State Demands Retraction, Gets Correction

To the Editor:

It was brought to my attention that yesterday’s paper contains the following statement: “1997—In Colebrook, N.H., anti-regulation fanatic and future hero of the Free State Project Carl Drega murders two cops, a selectman, and a judge.”

This statement, “future hero of the Free State Project” is inaccurate, spurious, and libelous. I urge you to remove/retract any reference in this context to the Free State Project, a federally recognized 501c3 educational nonprofit, before I am forced to take legal action on behalf of our 25,000+ participants.

Did this statement appear in print as well? If so, I will look for a written correction in the next edition.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Carla Gericke, President Emeritus, Free State Project

Dear Carla:

We abhor inaccuracy. Our original entry suggested that Drega was seen as a hero by the Free State Project. We regret the error. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. You help us improve our paper.

We have corrected our post. The entry for that date now reads, “1997—In Colebrook, N.H., anti-regulation fanatic Carl Drega murders two cops, a selectman, and a judge. In response, Vin Suprynowicz, a future Signed Member of the Free State Project, writes an essay and a book sympathizing with the killer.”

We trust you will find this satisfactory.

The Editor

2 thoughts on “Free State Demands Retraction, Gets Correction”

  1. Ms. Gericke,
    The editor has been too conciliatory toward your protestations.
    A reasonable person would conclude that Mr. Drega was indeed an object of admiration by the so-called “Free” State Project by virtue of the fact that Mr. Suprynowicz, wearing his Free State creds on his sleeve, wrote a laudatory piece about this cold-blooded mass murderer.

    I must say in addition that it is cruelly ironic that many extreme conservatives make excuses for killers like Mr. Drega and Kyle Rittenhouse but claim that the life is sacred when rationalizing their denial of reproductive rights to women. I would hope that as putative libertarians, those of your organization know enough to avoid such interference in other people’s rights and freedoms, to wit: Freedom from want, Freedom from fear, Freedom from ignorance, Freedom from hate.

  2. Odd capitalization. So Suprynowicz signed up to the FSP 18 years ago–has he been heard from since?

    Stephen – Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. By way of excuse, your reference to capitalization was rather vague. Perhaps you mean, “a future Signed Member…”. Such is the style—in so far as we understand it—in Official Free State Project documents.

    We could be wrong but we believe Suprynowicz is still out in Nevada, cranking out hyperbolic vitriol. — The Ed.

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